DC electric drives of ЭКТЦ series

DC thyristor electric drives of ЭКТЦ series with the microprocessor control system are designed for mechanisms operating in the modes of regulation of rotation (speed) frequency, position, torque, capacity, as well as for DC electric motors with excitation current regulation.
ЭКТЦ electric drives can be used both for separate mechanisms and for mechanisms comprising installations and production lines.
A basic delivery package includes:
  • a cabinet of high-voltage lead (if necessary);
  • transformer-reactor equipment;
  • power panels, including panels with high-speed automatic circuit-breakers ВАТ-48 (or analogues) and line contactors;
  • thyristor cabinets or panels (valve sections) of an anchor converter;
  • a control cabinet with a built-in exciter or separate cabinets – a control cabinet and an exciter cabinet (depending on the exciter's parameters);
  • a pulse rotation transducer (encoder) attached to a motor shaft.
ЭКТЦ electric drives are easily adapted for operation with different mechanisms due to the high degree of standardisation of engineering solutions for the power part and microprocessor control system. If required, the basic package of the electric drive can be equipped with devices and cabinets (panels) of additional object-oriented equipment.
Additional equipment, including the system of process display and data archiving, can be delivered on agreement with the Customer.
Application fields of electric drives of ЭКТЦ series:
  • Mining industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Machine-building industry
  • Energy sector
ЭКТЦ electric drive modifications
Digital control system
Microprocessor control system performs functions of control, regulation and protection of the ЭКТЦ electric drive according to task signals and operating algorithms accepted for a specific processing device. Microprocessor control systems implement the following types of technological regulators:
  • speed controller – the most common type of regulators (less frequently – EMF regulator);
  • position controller – for adjusting screws of rolling mills, flying and guillotine shears;
  • tension (and speed) regulator – for pickling lines, etc.
  • capacity regulator – for recoilers and uncoiling machines;
  • torque regulator – for mine hoists, loopers, etc.
As a rule, controlling systems are designed as single-circuit or dual-circuit ones with an internal current controller. An object-oriented structure of the control system can be designed at the Сustomer's demand.
Application of a digital rotation transducer as a part of ЭКТЦ electric drive provides the static accuracy of rotation frequency maintenance of no less than 1% of the rated one, and the range of frequency regulation of at least 75:1 (the values are determined by the characteristics of a sensor attached to a motor shaft).
Power part
ЭКТЦ equipment is designed as cabinets of two-sided service. In boards the cabinets are installed on common supporting belts. The protection level of cabinets is IP21, except for the points of a powered busbar lead and air outlet with the protection level IP00. Doors of cabinets are supplied with locks. Cabinets are also equipped with devices for ground connection.
According to the method of protection against electric shock ЭКТЦ electric drives belong to electrical devices of class 01 as per GOST12.2.007-75.
Acceptable current loads of electric drives in cyclic modes are given in the table.
Current load, % of nominal value
Mode duration, seconds
The root-mean-square value of the load current during a cycle should not exceed the rated value during the averaging time of no more than 10 minutes.
When the forced ventilation of ЭКТЦ fails the drive can operate with the rated armature load during 3 minutes.
Advantages of electric drives of ЭКТЦ series
  • The series of ЭКТЦ electric drives provides control over DC motors with the voltage of the armature winding from 110 up to 1050 V with the armature currents from 25 up to 12 500 A. The delivery of multi-motor electric drives is possible on a special request.
  • The microprocessor control system (МПСУ) of ЭКТЦ electric drives is implemented in the form of unified program-functional units, the most part of which is used in МПСУ of AC electric devices.
  • Standard interfaces provide connection of МПСУ with automatic process control systems (ACS of the upper level).
  • The power part of ЭКТЦ is performed on standard single-operation thyristors with coolers О153; and it has a simple 6- or 12-pulse rectification circuit with high overload capacity.
  • The construction of thyristor cabinets of ЭКТЦ electric drives is to a great extent consistent with the construction of AC electric drives of АТК type and that allows reducing operational expenses and raising the quality of product maintenance at facilities with different processing equipment.

ШУЦ cabinet with МПСУ system and built-in exciter 500А/440V

  Thyristor cabinet ШТ1600/1050 (1600А, 1050V)

  • The set of switching equipment provides flexible coupling of the product with customer's equipment during reconstruction of functioning facilities and allows enhancing reliability due to a reserve electric drive.

Switching cabinets of ШК, ШКН and ШКУ types

  • The set of reactor-transformer and additional power equipment is produced according to standard series or “on order” .