Frequency converter ПЧВА

The frequency converter ПЧВА is based on power units with IGBT transistors defining its high operational characteristics. In respect of technical and operational characteristics the converter ПЧВА is no worse than similar devices from Japanese or European manufacturers and its cost is lower for 30-40%.
The frequency converter of ПЧВА series is designed for conversion of three-phase AC network energy with the voltage of  3, 6, 10 kV with constant parameters of frequency and voltage into three-phase voltage with variable parameters of frequency and voltage.
ПЧВА provides direct connection to the voltage of 3, 6, 10 kV and regulation of the rotation speed of a squirrel-cage motor with the nominal voltage of 3 kV and capacity of 315-1250 kW; with the nominal voltage of 6 kV and capacity of 250-5000 kW; with the nominal voltage of 10 kV and capacity of 250-7600 kW.
The high-voltage frequency converters of ПЧВА series (hereafter referred to as ПЧВА) are applied for controlled frequency start and rotation speed regulation of squirrel-cage motors with the capacity of 250 – 7600 kW and nominal voltage 3, 6, 10 kV, that operate different mechanisms, such as:
  • blower fans;
  • smoke exhausters;
  • water feed pumps;
  • recycling pumps;
  • feeding pump;
  • other pumps;
  • oil pumps;
  • compressors;
  • mills;
  • crushers;
  • etc.
ПЧВА converts the  three-phase AC network energy with the voltage of  3, 6, 10 kV with constant parameters of the frequency and voltage into the three-phase voltage with variable parameters of the frequency and voltage according to the frequency regulation law U/f = const.
ПЧВА is a variable-speed drive where the principles of direct conversion are carried out using up-to date methods of control over AC electrical motors and latest developments in the area of power electronics.
ПЧВА can be used at heat-power plants, enterprises of oil and chemical industries, water supply, mining and metal industries.
The climatic modification of ПЧВА cubicles is УХЛ4. The nominal values for climatic factors of the ambient environment are per GOST15150:
  • the upper value of the ambient temperature - + 40˚С;
  • the lower value of the ambient temperature – 0 ˚С;
  • the upper operating value of the relative humidity – 90% at the temperature of +25˚С  (non-condensing).
Operational conditions for ПЧВА are as follows:
  • sea level – up to 1000 m*;
  • ambient environment – non-explosive, free of gases, fumes, chemical sediments or current-conducting dust in concentrations inadmissibly reducing parameters of the device;
  • atmosphere – type II per GOST 15150.
*For the heights more than 1000m operation of ПЧВА with lowered nominal capacity is possible. The frequency converter corresponds to the operation conditions group M13 as per GOST 17516.1.
Application of ПЧВА provides:
  • considerable energy saving (up to 60%);
  • reliable operation and extension of service life of electrical motors and mechanisms and units driven with their help as well;
  • elimination of hydraulic surges in pipeline system and failure of pinion and belt transmission gear;
  • decrease in the number of emergency situations and reduction of repair and maintenance costs, and of the outage timeas well;
  • integration into the automatic process control system.
Series name
ПЧВА– high-voltage variable frequency electric drive for induction motors
Power circuit input voltage
3-phase 3000V, 6000V, 10000V (possible deviation without decrease in parameters -20% +15%)
Supply line frequency, Hz
Frequency regulation range, Hz
Accuracy of frequency maintenance, Hz
Start/ stop time, sec
10 of 1600 (set parameter)
Overload capacity
120% during  60 sec
150% during 1 sec
Power circuit output frequency
3-phase 3000V, 6000 V, 10000V
Power factor
96% and more at the speed close to nominal
Analog input
Two channels, 0~10V/4~20mA (optional)
Analog output
Two channels, 0~10V/4~20mA (optional)
Discrete signals input/output
24 in input/16 in output
Communication protocol
Control elements
Industrial computer with touch screen


Protection level
Cubicle; two-sided maintenance; cable lead - from below
Forced; air; built-in fans
Operational conditions


Operational temperature
from 0° up to+40°
Storage/transportation temperature
from -40° up to+70°
Humidity, max
90% (non-condensing)
Sea level, max
not more than 1000 m
Vibration, max
0,5g with frequency10–50Hz
УХЛ. 4 -
Climatic modification and placement category (for boreal climate; indoor heated area with the ambient temperature +1°С- +40°С)
Technical characteristics
ПЧВА units are thermally and dynamically stable in all emergency states during the actuation time of installed protection systems.
ПЧВА units have the following types of protection:
  • from short circuits and overload in the frequency converter;
  • from inadmissible current overload (with integrally dependent protection)
  • from frequency converter overheating;
  • from external and internal switching overvoltages;
  • from breakdown of power units with IGBT transistors;
  • from commutation failures and failures in frequency converter control circuits;
  • from loss of ventilation (in systems with forced cooling);
  • from loss of voltage;
  • from inadmissible decrease of supply-line voltage;
  • from inadmissible increase of supply-line voltage.
In case of actuation of the protection system ПЧВА includes the monitoring system allowing of determining locations of fault in an electrical drive on the level of its functional parts. ПЧВА has the lamp signaling system indicating:  on/off states, protection actuation.
ПЧВА includes instruments for control and measurement of ПЧВА’s output current and voltage, ПЧВА output alternating current frequency and motor speed.
ПЧВА  construction
ПЧВА is delivered as a functionally complete equipment set.
ПЧВА comprises the following parts:
  • transformer cubicle, containing a high-voltage multiple-winding dry-type special transformer;
  • power units and controls cubicle, containing power units with IGBT transistors and ПЧВАregulation and control system.
All the necessary equipment is preinstalled and the interior mounting is carried out. The components of the system are placed and marked so that to facilitate its maintenance and equipment testing for personnel.
ПЧВА’s constituent parts, that are installed in cubicles and have elements under  voltage, are equipped with interlocks (that prevent actuation of electric drives when cubicles’ doors are open and act upon supply interruption of electric drives) or have locks to restrict access to parts under voltage.