Immersible Electric Motors for Underground Water Exhaust

of ПЭМ Series

Immersible oil-filled electric motors of a new ПЭМ (PEM) series are applied for water exhaust out from bores and mines to decrease the level of underground waters in mine openings. Electric motors can be applied for withdrawal of flowing water from bores and noncirculating water from mines, holes, pits, etc.
The series consists of electric motors with the capacity of 250, 500, 750 and 1000 kW in a casing with the diameter of 426 mm. The motors with capacity of 250 and 500 kW are single-section, but motors for 750 and 1000 kW are multi-section.
In combination with different pumping components the immersible unit provides supply of 200 m3/hour – 450 m3/hour at head pressure from 200 up to 600 meters.
  • Electric motor supply network voltage – 6000/3500 V
  • Synchronous rotation frequency – 3000 rpm
  • Electric motor efficiency –  no less than 92%
  • Average life until major repair –  24000 hours
  • Average service life –  10 years
Drawings with overall dimensions of one-sectional and two-sectional electric motors with basic parameters are given below.