Our specialists have extensive experience in design of modern energy-saving electrical equipment for enterprises of energy and coal-mining industries.
Yuzhelektroproekt, Ltd. offers a wide range of electrical equipment
For coal-mining enterprises:
Unit for protection and motion control of mine hoist, AZKD (АЗКД)
- is a system designed to provide protection and control over the operation of a mine hoist. AZKD provides accurate control over all main parameters of a mine hoist, such as speed, acceleration and a lifting vessel position.
The unit provides control over the operation of a mine hoist regardless of its type: frictional, single-drum, two-drum, sinking. It is designed both for installation at new facilities and for replacement of electromechanical systems of АЗК-1 type with ЭОС-1 and ОСП. AZKD operates independently of the hoisting machine control system. AZKD is the only certified digital unit for protection and motion control of a mine hoist in Ukraine.
Thyristor electric drive of UKTESh series (УКТЭШ) for mine hoists
- DC. Capacity up to 12 MW. For all mine hoists with DC motors.
Thyristor electric drive with microprocessor control of EKTC series(ЭКТЦ)
- is a modern DC electric drive with a modified power element.
DC thyristor electric drives of EKTC series with the microprocessor control system are designed for mechanisms operating in modes of regulation of rotation frequency (speed), position, torque, capacity, as well as for DC electric motors with excitation current regulation.
EKTC electric drives can be used both for separate mechanisms and for mechanisms comprising installations and production lines.
AC electric drives per “asynchronous-thyristor cascade” scheme – ATK
- electric drives for mine hoists and main ventilation fans.
AC electric drives per “asynchronous-thyristor cascade” scheme (АТК) are a new stage in the development of the structure of the wound-rotor slip recovery system (asynchronous-valve cascade – AVK) that is widely used in controlled-velocity electric drives with wound rotor asynchronous motors. ATK provides independent regulation of motor speed and torque due to the regulation of rotor current (utility power converter current).
It allows recuperating energy efficiently as well as saving up to 40% of the consumed energy.
For power stations:

Turbo-generator excitation system with capacity up to 300 MW – SVTG (СВТГ)
Electric drive of PChVS (ПЧВС) series for regulation of rotation frequency of mechanisms with driving synchronous motors.
Transistor frequency converters of TIN series based on voltage inverter (up to 2.5 MW)
High-voltage starters of VPU series
Multi-purpose high-voltage electric drives of UVVE series designed for control over standard motors – asynchronous motors with a squirrel-cage rotor and synchronous ones.
Our company offers design, production and implementation of modernization projects for this equipment based on microprocessor systems using modern technology and elements manufactured by companies from CIS countries as well as by Siemens, ABB and others.