Uniform complete DC thyristor electric drive for mine hoists

of УКТЭШ series 

with analog control system
The complete thyristor electric drive УКТЭШ (UKTESh) is applied for control over a DC electric motor of a mine hoist.
Power voltage of alternating current is rectified by a thyristor converter. The value of the converter outlet voltage is set up by the control system, depending on the rotational velocity of a motor and its torque required according to operational technology of a mine hoist.
The supply of a motor excitation winding is via a controlled thyristor rectifier, comprising a part of УКТЭШ. The motor rotation direction change is carried out adjusting the armature current direction or polarity of the motor excitation winding voltage.
Protection of the motor power circuit from inadmissible current values is performed by a high-speed switch. When the motor is shutdown and there is no current the power circuit break is performed with the help of line contactors.
The equipment set comprises:
  • Valve sections СВ (SV).
  • Control cabinet ШРУ (ShRU).
  • Switch board with power protection and switching equipment ЩСУ (SchSU).
  • Thyristor motor exciter ЭКТ (EKT).
  • Power transformer.
  • Smoothing reactors.
Basic performance specifications
Main power supply voltage, kV - 6 or 10
Rated rectified current of power circuit, A - 1600, 2500, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6300
Rated rectified voltage of power circuit, V -  440,600,750, and 930
Voltage of three-phase auxiliary network, V - 380
Voltage of thyristor motor exciter, V - 440
Rated exciter current, A - 100,200,320,500
Speed maintenance accuracy, % - 1.0
Range of electric motor speed control - 75:1
УКТЭШ comprises switchboards and cabinets of unified design:
  • The thyristor section СВ consists of two cabinets: a thyristor cabinet and control (input) cabinet, connected by docking units, as well as by common supporting and transporting elements (Fig.1).
  • Power switchboard ЩСУ consists of the cabinet with line contactors and automatic switch control cabinet. Both cabinets are joined together (Fig.2).
  • The thyristor exciter ЭКТ cabinet and ШРУ control cabinet are united into the control switchboard (Fig.3).
Maintenance of the cabinets and switchboards is two-sided.
Ventilation of the СВ thyristor cabinets and thyristor exciter cabinet is forced, exhaust, from the fans, mounted into the cabinets; air movement direction is from top to bottom. Ventilation of the other cabinets and switchboards is natural.
Service conditions
The complete thyristor electric drive УКТЭШ is applied for operation in permanent enclosed premises. The rated value of climatic factors is for the climatic modification УХЛ4 according to GOST 15150-69. At the same time the lower value of the ambient air temperature can be no less than +l°C, the upper value is no higher than +35°C.
The relative humidity of the ambient air is no more than 80% at the temperature of +20°C; the humidity is lower at higher temperatures.
Environment is not explosive, free of aggressive gases and steam in concentrations destroying metal and insulation.
Contents of non-current leading dust in the premises and in the cooling air should not exceed 0.7 mg/m.
The service conditions group in respect to mechanical influences of the environment – Ml according to GOST 17516.1-90E.